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Truth about leather used for the manufacture of baby shoes and slippers

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Soft Leather Baby and Toddler Shoes – The Truth
Parents purchase soft leather baby and kids shoes for their young for many reasons. The choices, however, are a little more complex than just “we like this or that” and there are various considerations when choosing your supplier.
A good supplier will have worked out and specified that shoes are manufactured to a certain high standard and comply with all safety and health regulations.
Abiwear shoes are specifically made to our specifications to fulfil certain criteria and additionally comply with all International and British Standards, for example…

Abiwear Soft Leather Baby Shoes
There are different types of leather. When it comes to baby and toddler shoes only the softest will do and only cow leather can provide the softest and most luxurious feel. Sheep leather is almost close but not close enough. For this reason only soft leather baby shoes made with cow leather are suitable for continuous wear. Sheep leather, on the other hand, is only suitable for occasional wear.

Abiwear leather baby shoes

Our shoes are made from the softest, high quality breathable premium cow leather and made to exacting standards (worth knowing when deciding what and where to buy your shoes) and give your child's feet a great healthy start in life.
We lovingly call our leather “butter soft”, because this is what it feels like!

Dyes used in Abiwear baby shoe manufacture
This is highly important as your baby will inevitably wear these shoes for longish periods. Any possibility that the little foot will absorb any of the dyes is eliminated with our shoes as we use Vegetable Dyes and Chrome Free leather. In a word, they are totally non-toxic and suitable for continuous wear.
Safety Standard – The leather used for our baby shoes complies with All European EU Regulation , BS En71 – 3 British Standard.

Safety First
Elasticated backs ensure a snug fit for our baby shoes and your childs total comfort.
Very Soft Suede Soles provide total comfort.
Only soft suede leather is used for the soles of Abiwear baby shoes so that they are totally non-slip even on wooden or tiled floors. Non- slip soles help promote safe walking and crawling as well as keeping little feet warm.
When can soft leather baby shoes be worn?
Our baby shoes are suitable for both winter and summer wear. They can be used as little shoes or slippers. They will keep little feet comfortable in all seasons as the leather can breathe.

The beautiful lightweight leather and high manufacture standard ensure that our shoes will not restrict or shape the developing little foot.

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